House on a Hill Photography | Accolades

From time to time, this little photography business of mine gets props from the beautiful people out there on planet earth... 

The top props are from my amazing clients, their words mean the world to me. 

The other props are pretty much just fun stories :) Enjoy!


There is this world famous wedding photographer named Jasmine Star (whom I love and look up to very much).

She does amazing work and is an amazing speaker, motivator, and teacher as well.

During one of her online classes, she showed my photography brand on the screen there. She was using my brand and logo as an example of how NOT to brand your business, JUST KIDDING. She was simply using my logo as an example of good branding, because I had a professional show me how to streamline my logo for more appeal. I was just giddy that a photographer I look up to said my name out loud. lol

This may seem silly to some, but it was pretty cool to me. And all the credit goes to my client that submitted the photo. 

I was delighted to see my work on "Maroon 5"'s Instagram! It is the bottom middle image. Yep. So there is that. :)


Next is a local blog,

They featured me as a "MomBoss" and have asked me to photograph at some of their events around the Nashville area. 

I am honored to be a part.